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    The Thai law firm you can trust !

    If you wish to establish a business presence in Thailand, We can advise on the legal entity that best suits your requirements. We are efficient, cost effective and experienced, and our excellent relationship with the relevant government departments means that we can get you started in business as quickly as possible.

    Private Limited Companies
    The private limited company is a popular vehicle for many who wish to establish a business in Thailand. Yet without the proper advice, forming a company that fully meets your needs can be difficult. It is vitally important that the initial set up of the company is completed to provide maximum protection to the principal, whether a Thai citizen or foreign national. P&A Notary can advise you on how to insert clauses in the company's Articles of Incorporation and first shareholders meeting that fully protects your interests. We can guide you through the process of company name searching, producing the promoter's document, formal registration of the company, and obtaining VAT, tax identification numbers, and Social Security Fund registration. If all required documentation is available, companies can be incorporated in about ten working days, but because collecting the documents usually takes time, the average time taken is about one month.

    If you are, or are intending to employ foreign nationals, our legal team can incorporate your company to allow it to apply for alien work permits. The work permit regulations are exacting, so the company must be incorporated with the work permit requirements fully in mind. We have an excellent track record in this area and we work closely with our clients and the Labour Department to ensure successful applications.

    By choosing us to incorporate your company, you can be assured of full protection of your investment, low incorporation costs, no hidden charges, and free consultation and advice during the incorporation process. We handle all of the requirements of the Thai authorities, and our messengers can bring the required documents to your door, so you don't even have to leave your home or office.

    Branch Offices
    A foreign company may choose to set up a branch office in order to do business in Thailand, as an alternative to forming a limited company. The regulations and capital requirements for setting up branch offices are complex and without the right advice can lead to severe problems for the parent company.

    We have a wealth of experience in setting up branch offices for both small foreign companies wishing to trade in Thailand and large corporate concerns. With P&A Notary, you can be confident that your Thailand branch office is set up to maximise your business potential and efficiency.
     Business Licences

    The Thai authoroties require companies doing business in specific industries to obtain licence certificates.

    Board Of Investment Application For Promotion
    Thailand's Board of Investment Promotion (BOI) is increasingly active in securing inward investment into Thailand. The BOI is promoting the following five target industries:

    * Agriculture and agricultural products.
    * Fashion, particularly leather, garments, and jewellery
    * Automotive assembly and parts and components industries
    * ICT and electronics industries
    * High value added services such as call centres, regional operating headquarters, and high value added printing and packaging.

    There are considerable advantages to achieving BOI promotion status, but the application process needs to be managed with care to maximise the chances of approval. Contact us if you are thinking of applying.

    Customs Card
    Businesses who wish to import or export goods from Thailand are required to hold a valid Customs card.

    Alcohol Licence
    If your business wishes to retail alcoholic beverages, it will need an Alcohol Licence. There are two types, a licence to sell alcohol products made in Thailand only, and a licence to sell alcohol products from any country.

    Food And Beverage Licence
    Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars must have a valid Food and Beverage Licence to sell food and non-alcoholic drinks.

    We also deal with factory licences, VAT registration, obtaining Tax ID numbers, Social Security Fund registration, and all types of special licences. Our Legal Services Division would be happy to discuss your licencing requirements.

    Cha-Am Hua Hin forming a company